Come and Explore Our Hidden Gem of a Golf Course

If the sole of the club is square to the turf at impact, then it’s easier to find the sweet spot. It’s certainly easier to hit it on target.

Do you want to be good or great?

So, the big question for you is: how much do you want to play better golf? Are you sure about "why" you’d want to play better golf?
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7th Annual Jr. Turkey Golf Camp @ Oakwing

Kids from ages 6 to 14 can be part of the 7th Annual Turkey Golf Camp at Oakwing. This year the camp will be held from 10am-Noon on Friday, November 23rd.
Cost is $40 kid and is limited to first ...
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Join us before LSU- Arkansas Game

Plenty of tee times for Saturday. Put your Pork on the pi, play golf at Oakwing and enjoy game.
561-0260 for tee times.