Why wouldn’t you want a softer cover?

It doesn’t matter how powerful your swing is, or how skilled you are, every golfer benefits from a softer cover around the green. It means more stopping power, more control. A better short game.

A softer cover can be more durable!

It can be if you control the chemical make-up of the cover. The patented Titleist Cast Thermoset Cover is not only super soft, it’s super durable.

Going the distance

Both Titleist golf balls are designed to offer distance but in very different ways. The Pro V1x has a dual core and travels higher with a steeper descent and little roll out, while the Pro V will have a shallower descent with more roll. ?

Both Pro V’s have very similar characteristics around the green, but it’s off the tee and on approach that you’ll notice the difference. Take some time about finding the best fit for your game. Please feel free to talk to us. 

This is a nice video that shows the difference you can expect to see in performance between the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.