Golf is good for your child.
A game that gives them so
much more.

Children today have so many ways NOT to go outside. Whether it’s TVs, PCs, tablets or smartphones; a digital world of instant streaming and gaming options is there to keep them indoors. Golf offers your child the fun of gaming with the added benefits of exercise and fresh air in a safe environment.

Develop their ABCs
Golf helps to develop your child’s Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed. What movement experts call ‘physical literacy’. Golf also has a mucher low injury risk than other sports.

10 reasons why
Golf offers many more benefits for your child. We’ve highlighted ten of the best here.

Let them enjoy everything golf has to offer

Whether it’s the immediate benefits like fun, outdoor exercise and family time or long-term benefits like physical and mental development, golf has so much to offer your child. Give them the chance to experience it all.