This will quite possibly change the golf ball category and start a revolution

SoftFast Core 

Very low compression but after compression reacts very
quickly, restored to its original shape with explosive energy.

Off the tee

Lower spin, longer, straighter distance

The SoftFast core is the key to the tremendous speed off the face. Now add the lower spin and the HEX aerodynamics and you have lift and longer carry. The low spin means a straighter ball flight.

On Iron Shots

Softer, more responsive feel and distance

The very low compression (65) means that all golfers can compress the ball like a Tour Pro, while the very high Coefficient of Restitution (COR) creates fast ball speeds off the face.

On Scoring Shots

More control on approach and around the greens

This ball has a Tour Urethane cover. That means the cover grips the face of the Wedge at impact and creates the extra spin that provides the land and check action every golfer likes.

And you get it for less

A super premium golf ball without the super premium price tag. This golf ball is not only redefining the category in performance, it’s redefining value. And on the piece of equipment you use on every shot, that’s got to be great news.