Investing in your scoring zone

From 80 yards in, it’s about your scoring shots and your scoring clubs. So it’s really worth making sure you’re playing with the biggest advantage.

We like the innovations in the Callaway Golf MD3 Milled Wedges because they allow us to fit and build you a set of scoring clubs that will improve your game from 80 yards in.

The weight ports are not for show

They allow weight to be positioned a little higher (2) and that means more solid contact more often. It also means a slightly lower ball flight. Together those benefits result in improved distance control with your wedges.

Many wedges have a wider sole that causes more weight to be in the lower part of the Wedge, causing the CoG to be too low. The result is a ball that just goes higher (too steep a launch) if you swing harder. The Callaway Golf weight ports allow weight to be moved away from the bottom of the club.

We often wondered why all the groove designs through a Wedge set have to be the same. Different Wedges face different challenges. This is a clever approach by Callaway Golf.

Different finish options

Matt Black and Satin Chrome finishes available.

There are 46 - 60° options (in 2° increments) available with the different grind options.

The conversation about a better short game starts with your swing and your performance. So why don’t you give us a call or email us and set up an assessment of your scoring shot technique and equipment.

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