The Callaway XR16 2 For 2 in Majors

Our view on how that’s important for you

Most of you are modest about your abilities and know there’s a big gap between your tee shot performance and
that of Danny Willett (XR 16) and Lydia Ko (XR 16 Pro), who’ve both chalked up the first 2 Majors of the year.
But there are two benefits you and the top Tour Professionals both get from this new design.

Finding ways to increase MOI and
expand the hitting zone means that
you reduce the impact of poorer swings
and off-center contact.

You protect your potential.
You go straighter (higher MOI) and
you go further (larger hitting area,
with improved ball speeds at the edges).

Everyone has focused on the Jordan Spieth problems on the 12th and Danny Willett’s 5-under last round. But the difference between Willett
and everyone else was just 9 bogeys all week and no big numbers. That happens because he was putting the ball in play all the time.

A thinner, lighter face not only allows
the MOI to be increased.
You get faster ball speeds.
The result for Willett was an average
of over 300 yards from the tee. 

But the ball speeds are faster whether
you hit it from the sweet spot, off the heel,
or off the toe.  

The added forgiveness allows those who can, to swing harder confident in the fact that ball speed is protected away from the sweet spot. Club head speed is also aided by the aerodynamics introduced into the head courtesy of Boeing’s R&D group. 

A range of shafts, different lofts and the OptiFit hosel means we can set the Callaway XR 16 up perfectly to achieve the launch conditions and
consistency to add yards, every time.

How many can we add? Let’s find out.

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