Our explanation – extra distance does matter

A #6 Iron vs a #4 Iron

The XR Pro Irons have distance technology in a player’s profile Iron. How much closer can you hit a towering #6 Iron compared to a #4 Iron?

Construction to Performance

The face of the Callaway Golf XR Pro Irons have a very thin, 360° join that allows the center face to flex creating faster, consistent rebound.

And take the added accuracy

The “internal standing wave” in the XR Pro Irons will help the club to resist any twisting at contact delivering a more accurate ball flight.

Callaway Golf XR Pro Irons

Preserving the player’s profile and performance characteristics

The most impact on your performance

The Callaway XR Pro Irons have broken new ground with the face design and construction. Better players understand the effect of lie angle, shaft length and flex and even the grip size has on your ability to execute good golf shots. Book an Assessment and Fitting and let's see how big an impact on your game the Callaway XR Pro Irons could make.