Controversial compression and some myths

If you’re interested in your choice of golf ball (and you should be) you’ll have heard a lot about new releases of golf balls having
lower compression to create a softer feel. Let’s start with the explanation of compression.

Compression measures how much
the golf ball is deformed under
a standard load.

To create a lower compression golf ball
the manufacturer needs to focus on
the core, usually making it as large
as possible.

Materials advances have allowed the
better manufacturers to add materials
to the rubber that are highly reactive,
creating maximum energy transfer
whatever your swing speed.
Tests show a minimal change between
low and high compression golf balls
for faster swing speed golfers. 

Again, in tests it has been proven that
modern low compression golf balls
do NOT have a lower generated
ball speed than high compression
golf balls irrespective of temperature.

Most golfers seem to want a slightly softer feel, especially around the green.
For those golfers, lower compression golf balls from a quality manufacturer now provide that softer feel,
without loss of performance elsewhere. Contact us.