Feel counts, but so does consistency

In the search for improved ball striking consistency for you, we know we need to match the club weight
and swing weight to your swing. Last week we looked at club weight. This week we introduce swing weight,
which confusingly isn’t a specific measure of weight, but something that measures feel. 

The swing weight of a golf club isn’t
recorded as a weight but as a letter
and number.

Swing weight measures the distribution
of weight across the club. The more mass
in the head, the higher the swing weight. 

A0 is the lowest swing weight and
F9 is the highest.

A higher swing weight makes it easier to feel the head. But a heavier head may be to difficult to control.

Some golfers increase swing weight by adding lead tape to the clubhead
(increasing the relative mass of the head).

Note though that moving swing weight 1 point (e.g D2 to D3)
is about the equivalent of adding .07oz of weight (or a small coin).

We want to try and match club weight and swing weight to both your swing and your preference.
But the end result we both want is improved shotmaking consistency. Always buy equipment with a fitting.
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