Finding the Fall Line on your Putt

How many times are you tricked on unfamiliar greens by which way your ball breaks as it gets to the hole?
Find the ‘Fall Line’ and you won’t make that mistake. 

Look at the hole and imagine a
4-foot radius around the hole.
There will be a straight line through
the hole from a 12 o’clock position to
a 6 o’clock position that is a perfectly
straight downhill putt from the
12 to 6 o’clock setting.

That is the fall line. Find it and
you’ll always know which way your
Putt is going to break.

What’s your success rate from 20 feet out on the course?
When you miss, what percentage is down to: a poorly-fitting Putter; poor technique; a bad read? You can be a great Putter.
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