Good work Golf Digest – where do you fit?

Using data supplied by Game Golf, the team at Golf Digest produced a very interesting article that showed us the average distances regular golfers hit their driver.
The table below is reproduced from that article: 

If you would like to read the full Golf Digest article then please click here.

I guess the next question is where do you sit in your age and handicap group?
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It would also be very interesting to note the differences in averages by other criteria,
for instance, within a handicap with drivers greater than 2 years old and those 2 years or less.

2016 especially was a great year for distance

Innovation was hidden in the use of thinner, stronger materials enabling internal structure changes that were all designed to spread the hitting zone. We’d be surprised if the averages weren’t increased by 10 – 15 yards just on that improvement.  

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