Great fun competing in a short-game event

If you and a few friends want to find an alternative to a gym session, or need an excuse to spend an hour at the golf facility, then ‘Par 18’ is great fun and a great way to practise.

Nine short-game ‘holes’ to test your skills

Three easier shots (a short chip, a simple short pitch, a greenside bunker);
Three medium shots (a medium length chip, a greenside bunker but a little further back from the flag, a 25 yard pitch);
Three tougher shots (a long chip, a long greenside bunker shot, a pitch over a bunker to the flag).
Hole out each time (e.g. short-game shot and putts) and keep your total score.

This game is not only a great way to spend 30 – 45 minutes, it’s a superb practice drill for your short-game. Nine different short-game scenarios and pressure on your putting. Where are you strong? Where could you improve? Come and chat with us
if you have questions or want advice.

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