Materials open up your opportunity

Adjustable drivers, while being main-stream, have until now come along
with some compromises, especially with forgiveness.

By using weight strategically, designers have been able|
to extend the size of the hitting zone.

The leading 2018 drivers not only protect ball speed
away from the sweet spot, they protect the launch conditions.

That means, despite a slightly off-centre ball strike, you still get
the length of ball flight and distance you expected.

Originally, the weight required for adjustable hosels reduced the amount of discretionary weight available to the club designer.

That’s not the case anymore. More than enough weight is
available to the designer to allow them to develop
a driver packed with forgiveness.

The adjustable driver improvement

Now though, new manufacturing processes, new lighter but stronger materials, have provided the designers of
adjustable drivers with enough discretionary weight to give you adjustability and forgiveness.