Solid contact is essential to any spin, let alone lots of it. The new JAWS MD5 spins more than any previous Callaway wedge. And with a variety of fitting options that help improve ball striking, you can access all that added spin, more often.

Grind affects how your wedge interacts with the turf, which affects how clean your ball striking is.

The new JAWS Wedge has five grind options and 23 loft/bounce combinations. This means we can set you up for added spin and control, no matter your swing type or course conditions.

Making solid contact is easier when you play the right grind for you. What grind you play depends on your swing and course conditions.

Callaway’s Fitting Room experts discuss the grind options of the new JAWS Wedge.

Having this much spin at your disposal makes it easier to stick those tight up and downs. Want more spin? Let’s take a look at your wedges and setup.