Send us your swing.
No more missing it right.

Over half of golfers will miss the target usually to the right (left for left-handers). The inconsistent fade, or wild slice, causes too many golfers too much frustration.

If that’s you, then let’s use this time to at least diagnose what is it that causes you this challenge. Record and send us two videos of your swing on your phone or tablet. Use a mid-iron. One from behind looking down the target line, the other from face on. See filming tips below.

Filming full shots (behind and face on)
- Hold the phone camera at hand height.
- Ensure your whole body is in the frame.
- Film in good lighting.

Email your video to us. We’ll have a look at your putting stroke and give you specific tips, drills and challenges to improve. And don’t worry, your video won’t be shared with anyone, it’s between you and your pro.

Your journey to better

We want to find ways to help as many of you as possible to have a better golf experience. We’re starting now with an attempt to fix a slice or fade, but if you have a particular challenge or opportunity, then please reach out now.