Recognise yourself? Which distance are you measuring?

Here’s a good golfer who gained 20 yards on distance from the tee with his fitting, but actually the big win was an increase of 30 yards of carry. That much extra carry changes the way this 5 handicapper can attack a golf hole. 

“This is a good golfer but his current tee shots are creating what we might call a ‘penetrating ball flight’ that land short and run on. That leaves him vulnerable to turf conditions and hazards. Keeping the spin rate low, but raising the dynamic launch angle by just 2° added 30 yards of extra carry with less run, but still an additional 20 yards total distance. For a better player this is a game changer.” 

An extra 20 yards probably means two clubs lengths less on approach shots. A better golfer is going to turn that into more Greens in Regulation and shots closer to the pin. Why wouldn’t you want that? Challenge us to be your game changer by adding big yardage gains to your tee shots.

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