Shooting between 85 & 100?

Then you’ll get the most benefit from a fitting

Too many golfers think that a fitting is for the very best players. In fact, if you’re shooting between 85 and 100, you’ll see a much bigger difference to your scorecard than anyone else if you play with fitted golf clubs.

Clubs that fit your swing, size, athleticism, and your strength will not only minimize the impact of poor shots; they will make it easier to develop better swing technique.

Sure, if you’re shooting north of a hundred and missing the target with a wild slice or hook, then there are swing fundamentals to develop as a priority.

Did you buy clubs off the rack?

If you didn’t have a fitting to find the clubs with the right specifications to make it easier to hit better golf shots, then come along and see us. Often it isn’t a matter of buying new clubs. We can change certain aspects of your existing clubs.

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