Callaway Golf Epic Flash
Speed in so many ways

For all of our golfers the Epic Flash Driver represents another step up in speed.

More ball speed from all over the face, but this was a bigger leap made possible  by another “speed”.

Until now the speed of innovation has been limited by the need to create real prototypes after engineers agonized over

the data. In any product development this process was repeated six or seven times before a product was released.  

Now using AI and machine learning, the engineers and designers were able to build thousands of virtual prototypes in the same time. That means the

physical limitations creating boundaries on the pace of innovation have been exploded with this driver to create a radically improved face.

Extra speed and more

The forgiveness and MOI of this driver have also been taken forward. 

You get faster ball speeds, more consistency and more accuracy.

The carbon crown is made with new, lighter carbon composite. It has a tighter weave for added strength,

but reduces weight higher, and allows that weight to be used to spread the hitting zone and increase MOI. 

Weight saved can be used elsewhere

You can control your ball flight (fade, draw, straight) more easily using a

16g sliding weight without compromising forgiveness or MOI. 

Now let’s see how big of a leap in performance this driver will deliver for your tee shots.