The TaylorMade M1 Driver

How far can technology go? How far can you go?

We can adjust your shot shape, while simultaneously personalizing your spin, forgiveness and trajectory. That means whatever your swing speed or swing path, we’ll be able to maximize your performance.

We slide the weight on the Front Track System (above) towards the toe, heel or center to optimize your shot shape. Then we slide the weight on the Back Track (below) towards the face for lower trajectory, center it for a medium trajectory, or slide it right back for a high ball flight and maximum stability.

To deliver so much adjustability you need to create a lot of discretionary weight. TaylorMade have accomplished that in the M1 Driver using a multi-material construction and advanced manufacturing.  

The result is super-lightweight, super strong walls, crown and face.

That means a larger hitting zone, lower CoG and a more stable, yet long Driver.

Your swing is unique, so having this many facets of ball flight open to customization gives us a better chance to improve your performance with a custom fitting. With this Driver we can do so much for you. Come and let’s see how much further this technology can take you.