The real difference is the distance

The new Callaway MAVRIK Driver

It may have a completely unique shape and a face designed by an A.I. supercomputer, but the real difference here is the speed and distance it delivers for you.

There’s nothing ordinary about this face
Callaway’s A.I. supercomputer had just a month to create the perfect face for the Callaway Epic Flash. For the Callaway MAVRIK Drivers, it’s had a whole year.

The new Flash face design goes beyond just being thin. It has all sorts of ripples and dimples behind it to create exceptional ball speeds from impact positions most amateur golfers strike the ball.

Each model of the Callaway Mavrik Drivers has a uniquely designed face that responds differently to different types of players.

Different for a reason
One of the first things you’ll notice when you see the Callaway MAVRIK Driver, is it’s unconventional head shape that sweeps up at the rear. They’re calling it ‘Cyclone Aero’ design.

But this isn’t about striking looks. It’s about better aerodynamics that reduce drag for faster clubhead speed.

Because you need all the speed
To really hit it further, you need faster clubhead speed AND  faster ball speed. That’s what the two internal Jailbreak bars are for. They connect the sole and crown to promote higher ball speed.

How much of a difference could Callaway MAVRIK make for you?

Hitting longer, straighter, more consistent drives adds joy while shaving shots from your scorecard. If you’re interested in finding out, then when we next see you, let’s talk about it, or