The components of distance
How high to launch

“Most golfers are losing more than 20 yards from their tee shots because they haven’t set them
themselves up with a chance of achieving anywhere near the optimum launch conditions.
20 yards is a lot to give up. Let’s find out how much we can add to your tee-shot performance.”  

When we’re Fitting you,
we’re interested in ‘Dynamic Loft’

Clubhead loft, shaft, angle of attack, and face angle, all contribute to the dynamic loft. Changing the
clubhead loft will have the biggest impact on the dynamic loft.

When looking at your launch conditions, we’ll also be checking your ‘smash factor’. That measures how effectively you find the hitting zone of the club. A higher smash factor will translate into a faster ball speed.  

You’re going to start your next golf season with the ambition to add 20 yards to your tee shots, and we’re going to make that happen.
It’s a small investment in time that pays off every time you stand on the tee box.