The components of distance
Straighter is usually longer

“Many of our golfers are impacted less by too much or too little spin, and more by the fact that they’ve
knocked the ball off an even spin axis. In this example (with the ball going away from us), the spin axis is
tilted to the right. The ball will go right.” 

If the club face is just 1° open at impact, then the ball with deviate about 9
yards right of where you’re aiming over 200 yards.

With a fade or slice, this will also mean lost distance.  

Most golfers exaggerate this problem
because where they think they’re aiming,
and where they’re setup to aim, is very
different. Come and see us, and let us check
your setup if you want to find the short
grass more often.

To hit straighter shots, some golfers
benefit from offset in the clubhead design.
For others, we can ensure a square face
at impact by fitting them for a Driver
with a closed face.

This highlights just how important a personal assessment is. We need to measure your swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, ball speed and flight.
From there, we’ll find simple adjustments to add considerable distance. Don’t forget ‘Resolution #1 for 2018’ is to add 20 yards to your tee shots.