Titleist design and manufacturing precision with quality materials for consistency and performance.

Two options offering slightly different solutions for different golfers.

The Active Recoil Channel™ increases ball speeds and forgiveness

The latest technology in face design means a thinner than ever face across the whole face. That creates faster ball speeds across a wider area. The ball speed is increased further by the Active Recoil Channel™ that flexes at impact to generate faster flex and more ball speed, while actually lowering spin.

Relieved sole edges ease contact

Good Hybrid play requires that you make contact with the turf similarly to an Iron. The 816 Hybrids have been designed to make it easier for the leading edge and sole to interact with the turf.

Precision Fit for your ball flight

Besides the choice of models and different lofts with each model (19, 21, 23, 25 with both, and 27° with the H1), the SureFit Tour hosel allows 1° loft adjustments up and down.

These are great-looking and great-performing Hybrids, but any decision to include or change Hybrids in your bag ought to start with a discussion and an assessment.