Continuing the Fairway Wood revolution

You can fee more confident working the
Titleist 915Fd Fairway

When did we start discussing the workability of Fairway Woods?

When the technology and design took us to a place where getting Fairway Wood shots high on a great trajectory, with lots of consistency, became so much easier.

A combination of a Recoil Channel that allows the whole face to react to impact, and a face insert that allows more flex right out to the edge means that

ball speed is protected right across the face. It also allows the spin rate to be reduced to create a longer carry.

For the golfer who wants a lower ball flight,

or one who wants to control the ball flight, if

they have the shot making consistency, then

the Titleist 915Fd will probably excite them.

Using the SUREFIT hosel we can set you up perfectly for loft and lie angle, but the big decision is whether you would be better off

with the 915F design or the 915Fd with its workability and accuracy compromise to distance.

That’s why we start the conversation with your game and swing.

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