Tracking everything

Most of us think that the advances in golf equipment must come to an end.
Especially as the design of clubs (and golf balls) is now so tightly regulated.
But, we suspect there’s another big change on the horizon.

The data gathered from launch monitors blew away some myths, and opened the eyes of club designers, fitters,
and golf coaches to what produced the biggest improvements. Launch angles, spin rates, smash factors,
rise angles, face angles, angle of attack can now all be used with different clubs, to create an exact fit to your performance in the fitting bay.

But, what’s coming is the capture of your data on every single shot you play. There are already clubs and gadgets that allow the
collection of some of the data required to fit you.

As that is filled out and refined, when you come into have a fitting we’ll be able to download your on-course data and know
the exact specifications that will help improve your playing performance.

Experience the impact on your game now

If you haven’t been for a fitting, then we’d encourage you to at least schedule a driver assessment.
With the knowledge we now have about ball flight and what creates the optimum result,
we can often create quite spectacular improvements.