Send us your swing.
Go longer than before.

We can help you turn every chip shot into a scoring opportunity, without you having to leave your home. Send us two videos of yourself chipping, and when you’re next on course you can put us to the test.

Video enables us to see exactly what’s happening through impact. We’ll look at things like your tempo, wrist action and weight distribution. See filming tips below.

Filming tips for chipping (behind and face on)
- Hold phone camera at hand height.
- Ensure your whole body is in the frame.
- Film in good lighting.

Email your video to us. We’ll analyze your swing and give you specific game-improvement tips and drills. And don’t worry, your video won’t be shared with anyone, it’s between you and your pro.

More certainty around the greens

Using video to improve your chipping is one of many ways we can help you play better golf. Let us know what you’d like to improve and we’ll start your journey to better, right away.