There’s a lot of excitement

About the Vokey SM8 Wedges

We live in a time where new materials and new manufacturing processes have allowed designers to create equipment that is easier for us to use. It’s easier for us hit accurate shots. It’s easier for us to hit those shots consistently. If there’s a club where that matters, then surely, it’s the wedge.

Easier to hit your target

There is technology in the design that makes it easier to square the face and to hit your distance target. That’s what we all need.

By increasing the MOI quite significantly (more stable head and larger hitting zone), at the same time as bringing the CoG forward, closer and in line with the hosel (easier to square the face at contact with the hitting zone), there is a big increase in accuracy that will be noticed even by those playing the SM7.

More spin for longer

There’s a spin rate and launch angle when you buy a new wedge and a different spin rate and launch angle after you’ve had a wedge for a year or more (depending on how often you play).

Along with the Vokey spin-milled grooves and individually cut micro-grooves cut in between the grooves, there’s a proprietary heat treatment that DOUBLES THE DURABILITY of the grooves for more control for longer with the Vokey SM8 Wedges.

More shot-making options

Different bounce (4 - 14?) and grind (D,F, K, L, M, S) options, gives us the ability to build you a wedge set that will handle all shot types and course conditions.

Careful selection of the options will also provide you with added versatility around the green.

Different finishes

Tour Chrome

Brushed Nickel

Jet Black


Improve your scoring

Come and see us and let’s have at look at your scoring clubs, technique, and short-game performance. How much better could you be?