When you’re practising short shots, pay close attention to ball flight, carry, roll etc., especially when you change ball position, setup or club.
Practice is a great chance to learn about your game. It’s knowledge you take to the course.

If I asked you what distance, the run-out on a 5 yard chip shot would be with your 48° Wedge;
would you know the answer?
How does that change if you play the shot to the same landing, but with a 52° Wedge?
Practise so you develop this knowledge.

Practice is about more than perfecting your technique. It makes you a better golfer

because your understanding of what the golf ball will do should improves.

In the practice session above, you’ve set up tees at 4 yards, 5 yards & 6 yards from your chipping point,
with imaginary lines (between the tees at each distance).Take your 60° Wedge,
and attempt to chip the ball so that it will land between the 4 and 5 yards (watch the roll-out).
Then with the same club, between 5 and 6 yards (watch the roll-out).
Then just past the 6 yards line (watch the roll-out).
Now take your 56° and perform the same challenge (watching the roll-out).
Do this all the way up to your #8 Iron.

Challenge yourself in your practice. And learn at the same time.
Next time you’re on the course, put that knowledge to good use.
If you have a question about this skills challenge,