Would a high MOI Putter help your golf game?

High MOI Putters resist twisting. That’s especially important when you strike the ball towards the heel or toe. And most golfers, as soon as a putt is longer than 20 feet are inclined to become quite inconsistent in finding the sweet spot. Here’s a great way to measure your performance.

Remember this is the best your going to do because you’ll be really concentrating on hitting the sweet spot in this exercise

Concentration and intensity, fitting, and technique, all have an impact on your ability to consistently find the sweet spot on your Putter. If you’re struggling, then contact us and ask us to sprinkle the magic dust over your game! It’s called a putting assessment and fitting on our website. But they’re both the same thing. A high MOI Putter maybe the easiest fix, but there may be other solutions. Contact us.